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Advancing Steps mission is to help change the lives of the formerly incarcerated by providing wrap-around services while focusing on education/vocational training as a path to living wage careers.



About Advancing Steps

The project for Advancing Steps is start-up funding for a transitional housing facility to serve the formerly incarcerated. Advancing Steps became a non-profit organization on November 14, 2019 (Please see attached non-profit letter of determination). The mission of Advancing Steps is to “change the lives of the formerly incarcerated by providing wrap-around services and focusing on education and/or vocational training as a path the living wage careers”. Our organization replicates a winning model, The Safe Housing Network, while incorporating a major component - education and vocational training. We have several collaborating organizations that will work closely with Advancing Steps to help achieve the goals of the clients. Most of our staff has been selected and are ready to start as soon as our doors open. Advancing Steps’ projected opening date is January 1, 2021.

What makes Advancing Steps different from other transitional housing organizations is that our organization requires education and/or vocational training as a condition for acceptance.  Other organizations have some referrals for education or training, but our organization will expect every resident to be enrolled in an educational or vocation training program within the first six months. We strongly believe that education is a path out of the life of crime, reduces recidivism, and treats addiction. Advancing Steps has support letters from California State University, San Bernardino and the College of the Desert. We are currently seeking support letters from additional vocational training schools and look forward to collaborating with these organizations.

Advancing Steps has a special opportunity agreement for a 5,200 ft2 building, with 8-10 private rooms, a kitchen, office space, a dining room, 5 bathrooms (2 with showers), and an area for meetings and socialization. There is an agreement in place for Advancing Steps to lease the building as early September 2020.  


Currently Advancing Steps is preparing to open our doors and start changing the lives of the formerly incarcerated. The community must be aware that these probationers are free to go into our communities and are being afforded the tools necessary to change their lives.  Organizations like Advancing Steps make for a safer community and change lives for the betterment of society. Many make mistakes; however, they can rehabilitate with the right support.

Services provided for change

  • Transitional Housing

  • Addiction Classes

  • Family Reunification-Licensed Marriage & Family Counselor  

  • Document Retrievals

  • Life Skill Classes

  • Guidance Counseling Retired College Counselor/ Licensed Phycologist 

  • Job Referrals

  • Resume Building

  • Case Management                    With Goal Attainment Models

  • Financial Literacy


Services Provided


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Walker Beverly, M.A.


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